Barocco aims to create beautiful events that blend imagination, flair and finesse in copious amounts. With our flowers, you can create an atmosphere that is sleek contemporary to blousey romantic and everything in between.

Our team assembles mood boards and concept sketches following an initial consultation and any needed site visits.

We offer Luxury Pick and Mix quotes that enable our clients to adhere to budget, while also offering a wide range of options and solutions.Providing an original, stunning, and memorable experience for all attending is ensured as a result.

Wedding & Event Floristry

We approach event planning based on experience and modern design.
Whether you are planning a launch event or a dinner, our team of experts can provide the most beautiful floral arrangements and compositions.
Our services
Warm and hospitable holidays, important, solemn events, weddings. We possess a fresh perspective on wedding planning and styling.
In order to ensure that every composition is unique, we combine our signature floral style with a tailored element based on the event's theme.
Our portfolio
Here you can see our projects.
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