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Warm and hospitable holidays, important, solemn events, weddings. We possess a fresh perspective on wedding planning and styling.
With a strong fashion and theatrical background we at Barocco are always keen to engage our creative flair and individual approach to assist with projects ranging from product launches to garden terraces. We are always dreaming up combinations, textures, shapes and colours that are sure to fulfil and enhance any brief.

At Barocco we relish composing show stopping florals, equally we are driven to accessorise with schemes that see the product remain the focus.

Our personal, hands on approach means that we are able to compose mood boards, sketch and provide a strong understanding of our designs to give the client total visualisation and peace of mind. We strive to be both original and individual in our approach, standing out from the crowd with our product and it’s quality.
Corporate events
At Barocco we are inspired to create beautiful events combining imagination, flair and finesse in copious measures. Through our flowers we can help create über sleek contemporary to blousey wistful romantic and much more in between, depending on the atmosphere you wish to create.

Following an initial consultation and any necessary site visits, we assemble mood boards and concept sketches to achieve a clear vision for the proposed event.

Quotations take the form of a Luxury Pick and Mix that enable our clients to adhere to budget, whilst also offering a number of solutions and choices. This ensures that the final result is original, stunning and exceptionally memorable for all attending!
Flower decoration Weddings ceremony
Our home and office styling service allows you to add floral accents. From dramatic sculptural displays to gorgeous simple arrangements, we can produce any look to enhance your environment.

Every season serves as an inspiration for us as we create an atmosphere all will admire. You are able to choose from our dazzling display of decorations and baubles, as well as taking advantage of our home decorating experience, where we can provide beautiful wreaths, luxurious Christmas Trees and breathtaking table centres.
Home & Office Styling
Birthdays & Anniversaries
For birthdays and anniversaries, we can create vibrant and colorful floral arrangements that reflect the personality and style of the celebrant.

Whether it s a simple bouquet or an elaborate centerpiece, we can create a design that will make the celebration even more special.
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